Here’s the skinny, babies.

This book has kind of been a series of unfortunate events.

I found out in February that my friend Agnes needed a table assistant at TCAF. In exchange, she said I could have space to sell a book! So cue to me trying to get together 90 pages from almost three years ago together and printed in two months. Here’s the thing:

1) 40 pages had to be re scanned and colored.

2) a book layout program had to be torrented (and a pdf exported near a dozen times)

3) and a survivor-style elimination of printers.

And now I have twenty copies of Take Off volume 1 right now. The first 90 pages, which includes Cass’ introduction to Grey, Alexander and all of the Yulpae arc. I just picked them up from the printers.

And there are two fuzzy pages. The double-page spread to be precise. I have twenty books with fuzzy double-page spreads.

So here’s how I’m planning to roll with it.

I’m still gonna push the books at TCAF, but what I have left over– for YOU BABIES. I wanna do something special. I wanna offer some art. An inked character drawing tucked in the book. Special art for special first printed fuzzy books. After this weekend, the books’ll be put up on an Etsy first thing Monday, 15 dollars (that’s how much it cost to print the book).

I wanted to be up front with you babies, you’ve been nothing but wonderful to me! I didn’t want to secret sell you first volumes and have you find some fuzzy pages on your own. So I hope I see you roosters on Monday with the next page!